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YOUR health is wealth

B Raw Fitness is more than just fitness we are a community of health warriors dedicated to transforming our lives.

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As an entrepreneur making time to be active isn’t always the easiest. About 2 1/2 years ago, I stopped making excuses and made some real-life changes. Bain is a powerhouse and master trainer.

My fitness goal was to lose weight and maintain it; I’ve exceeded my expectations and goals. I’m leaner, stronger, and much healthier now more than ever. If you’re hesitating to make that choice, don’t; you won’t regret taking a leap of faith with Bain.

Arielle Loren, CEO and Founder at 100K Incubator

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Musician and Jamaican Actor Kymani Marley

“Seven years ago, my overall fitness goal was to lose weight and maintain it. Since 2014 when I started working out with Bain, not only have I lost over 40lbs, I’ve been able to keep my lean physique year-round. We’ve traveled worldwide on multiple tours, and his training keeps me active. B-Raw Fitness is a game-changer that everyone needs on their fitness journey. “


Musician AND FOUNDER / Konfrontation
Nerissa Ceo and Founder of Nefeteri

“When I started my fitness journey, my biggest goal was to gain more muscle and gain healthy weight. For the past 8 years training with Blackraw has taught me so much discipline and has transformed my body. He’s taught me healthy habits that have allowed me to maintain my fitness goals. I have no regrets about investing in my personal wellness.”




Over the last twenty years, I’ve trained over 1500 people, both men, and women. I’ve worked with everyone from CEOs to soccer moms who struggle with their weight loss goals. I developed a powerful approach to change your diet without deprivation – so you can lose weight without feeling hungry…and without spending all day in the gym!
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The only personal training program you will ever need to reach your fitness goals. Another benefit from being coached by a Certified Personal Trainer is the added motivation ! Your success is my starting point!


More Than Weights

Are you tired of diets that don’t work? We’ll customize a plan that’s right for you! B-Raw Fitness provides the motivation and accountability that you need to achieve your fitness goals. Our fitness coaches will help you work harder, eat better and live a healthier life. A significant percentage of how you look and feel has to do with food. Your relationship with food is essential, and we want to help you get on track.