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The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.     

– Bruce Lee 



Bain is a master trainer with over 25yrs of athletic training experience. As an ex-athlete and personal trainer, he has acquired extensive knowledge on how to upgrade the body with proper nutrition  and training. Sports like track and field and football helped create a habit that later became his passion.

Track and Field gave him a more robust understanding of cardio-based training like functional exercises, polymetric, and recreational sports for aerobic effectiveness. Through running Track and Field, he also learned that even strength training could be a form of cardiovascular training that can  elevate the heart rate.

The simplest things become complicated when your health starts to fade, and all you will desire is the health of your youth. 

Bain teaches his tribe that it’s never too late to gain control of what’s yours to transform your life.



Ronald X is a certified personal trainer and a health and wellness coach. As a former athlete who played football at the collegiate level nationwide, it fueled his passion for wellness. A decade later, he is transforming the health of those in his community. He believes that every person deserves to live a healthy, happy, and purposeful life. The days of blindly following diet and fitness trends are over. Get the most out of your fitness journey.